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So minority activists are neutral sources are they? Oh really? I seem to remember there being no article on Chief Gates on this website until yours truly wrote one, and seeing as the article is about him, you'd expect it to include a little more favour to him, just as a personal article on Rodney King would. I don't believe it is biased, throughout I have said that others have disagreed or that others have suggested otherwise to many of the points raised, i.e the "occupying force" argument. I accept some of the changes but it is clear to me that Wikipedia has a left wing bias and I won't allow an article I have written to be changed into an attack on Chief Gates. There are plenty of other articles that could be used for that purpose and plenty that already are. There should be articles on here that don't always reflect the left wing position and give individuals a chance to challenge that view!

As for the spelling, for someone supposedly so knowledgable you got it wrong. It is DARYL. (

The word selection seems pretty damn biased against Rodney King.

-This is true. Whoever originally wrote this article had an obvious bias slanted towards Gates, using language that both discredited reputable media sources, as well as minority activists. Some facts were also inacurate, such as the original claim that "70% of those arrested in Operation Hammer were later charged." Gates himself said that these 70% were only given complaints, and in fact most were never charged with anything. Hopefully I, or some other knowledgable person, will be able to make this article as neutral as its supposed to be.